An extended GlovePIE script based on asuseroako's voice commands for Arma 3!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

How To Obtain Extended GlovePIE Script for Arma 3 Voice Commands

Hi Everyone,

You can obtain an extended GlovePIE script for Arma 3, bundled with GlovePIE here.***

You can also obtain the extended script on its own here.***

The extended script is called A3 SCS.PIE (Arma 3 Speech Command System).

*** If you are new to using voice commands with Arma 3 and GlovePIE to make your gameplay easier and more enjoyable, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you first visit asuseroako's original Arma 3 Voice Commands blog. asuseroako is an absolute legend who has, among other things, gone to great lengths to explain how to get voice commands up and running for Arma 3 with GlovePIE. After you have understood that blog, you can come back and download an extended GlovePIE script for Arma 3 here (bundled with GlovePIE.) Or you can also obtain the extended script on its own here.


- The extended script adds a host of additional voice commands to asuseroako's original script which can be found by itself or bundled with GlovePIE here.

- The extended script also adds fun computer speech that lets you know when the script is running and also when voice commands are active or not (toggled on and off by using the left Windows key). 

- You can open GlovePIE with this script already loaded by double clicking on "_Run GlovePIE A3 SCS.bat" in the "GlovePIE045Free - With A3 SCS" directory once you have extracted that to your desktop. (If you need a good, free zip / compressor / extractor program try 7-Zip.

  • The GlovePIE045Free - With A3 SCS zip file comes with the Arma 3 SCS and GlovePIE - the free software that actually processes voice command scripts on your computer. It also includes asuseroako's original GlovePIE script for Arma 3.

If you have any questions , please let me know in the comments section below.  

Ok I hope you find the extended script useful and good fun, and of course you are still free to add your own specific voice commands. For info on how to do this, see:

Using GlovePie (Voice Activated Commands) With Arma 3:

in the SPECIAL PROCEDURES section of the Arma 3 Beginner's Quick Reference Guide.

Ok cheers!



  1. Hello mate, how do you set up the advanced features within Glove pie, such as calling in CAS? Removing suppressors etc?

    1. Hello mate! :) If you can track which keys you need to press to call in CAS, then you can add code for these keys to the Glovepie script. There are instructions on addiing code for specific key presses at the end of my Beginners Quick Ref Guide to which there is a link above. I'm not sure you can remove suppressors with voice commands as this requires manually moving the mouse to remove suppressors when the inventory is open? I could be wrong. The original author of the glove pie script may know more and his link is also above. Ok cheers!

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  3. thanks mate been trying to get this working, not having much success, I can get it to call in artillery (module), as the key press are as follows.

    0=opens command
    8=opens supports
    1= my default support artillery/air module
    1= the vehicle type ef RHS M109
    1= selects HE
    5= number of rounds in this case 5)

    set up like this

    if said("Fire Mission",6) or said("Request Fire Mission", 6) or said(" request Artillery", 6) then
    wait 90ms
    wait 90 ms
    wait 90 ms
    wait 90 ms
    wait 90 ms

    end if

    it never gets any further than selecting the call sign, I still have to input the type of round 1=HE as default, and enter the same for the number of rounds anywhere between 1-9

    Its great fun telling your AI team mates what to do, rather than mess around with the keypad!!

    1. Hi There,

      Have you tried key.Zero instead of key.0 ??

      I have also noticed that the original Glovepie script for Arma 3 uses capital letters for number words eg key.Five not key.five

      Not sure if either of these can help? Hope so!

      Ok cheers!